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Averse is a jewelry workshop. The products are designed in Paris and made in France, using precious metals and stones.

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Each piece, designed by Matthieu Braccini, has a story, based on his universe.

All his artistic creations, from sculptures to illustrations and drawings, revolve around a central theme: the intricate tapestry and deep spectrum of human emotions. Through his work, he skillfully explores the complex network of emotions and how we can metaphorically describe the depth of these feelings.

The floral compositions in these creations are generally used as a parallel to illustrate emotions. They contrast with the mathematical shapes, regular, symmetric, an essential component of the world in which we live.

Averse jewelry is a concentrate, a glimpse of this exploration, in connection with his creative universe. The mathematical aspect, inert and altered by time, is found in opposition to the floral aspect, synonymous with thought, feelings, and life.

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Quand l’averse tombe, soudainement, On ne voit alors pas plus loin qu’à quelques mètres. On se retrouve isolé, dans ce moment à passer en solitaire. Mais une pluie si intense n’est que temporaire, les nuages se délestent de leurs larmes, et rétablissant le calme.Personne ne verra vos larmes sous l'averse.